Инструкция к программе hipath 3000 v8

инструкция к программе hipath 3000 v8
Displays the corresponding connection status of the connected HiPath system as «active» or «inactive». Current ACD status of the telephone number displayed with both text and color. Page 136: Answer Text Action/Effect To select and activate an answer text, click the check box Answer text in the Func- tions tab of the Functions/Telephone Directory/Call detail records window. Ensure ● that an «optiClient 130 V4» subfolder is always created in the selected folder. Page 49 First Steps and User Configuration Logging on Audio parameters Switch to the Audio tab in the extended options dialog. Aantal gebruikers dat dit nuttig vond: 10 van 10 Hebt u meer vragen?

You can use the arrow keys that appear in the display to scroll between the tone settings for the ring volume, ring tone or the attention ring volume. Page 135 Action/Effect As soon as you receive an info, the Read Infos sent icon turns blue (active) on the Functions tab of the Functions/Telephone Directory/Call detail records window. All config- ured functions such as call forwarding, for example, apply both to the individual phone number and to the group member. After setting up the desired options, confirm your selection with OK. Local administration rights are required for manual (or automatic) optiClient update. Page 55: Exiting Opticlient Phone / Office / Easycom First Steps and User Configuration Exiting optiClient phone / office / easyCom Exiting optiClient phone / office / easyCom You can exit optiClient office by clicking on the menu bar and selecting the Exit command ● from the menu. This database could likewise be saved in a directory that is available to all users, thus enabling them to access their personal phone books from any workstation.

Page 58 Function key 3 Function key 4 The first time you log in with a new telephone number, the text of the function keys > is preset and stored as it was set when the system was logged into. The sent info appears in the display that follows. The settings are usually straightforward, if there is anything specific, then usually the configuration is described in this manual or the FAQ section. Mit dem Upgrade auf HiPath 3000 V9 und der Nutzung von OpenScape Office HX können die Kunden von einer UC-Multisite-Vernetzung zwischen allen Standorten (MX, LX und HX) profitieren. The entry will be copied to your personal telephone directory and can then be edited further from there. You can: > Arrange the columns in the desired display order by dragging and dropping >… Page 150: Edit Entries In The Directory Locate the appropriate entry in the LDAP directory.

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