Пежо планет 2000 инструкция

пежо планет 2000 инструкция
You just have to select the new application you want to use. This language will be used for any application started from Peugeot Planet Office. Таким образом можно определить схемотехнику не разбирая прибор. При активации данного режима сканер получает возможность прямого управления некоторыми исполнительными компонентами, т. е. может например, включить насос для подачи топлива, блокировать / разблокировать колеса, блокировать / разблокировать двери и т. д. ). — Программирование функций / Адаптация. Including the following communications software: VNC: allows the Peugeot Assistance platforms to take over the PPS tools by remote control, Internet Explorer: to access the constructor.s Internet site and particularly INFOTEC (wiring diagrams, etc.), Norton Anti-Virus: anti-virus software. These information can be: • the VIN code if it was not automatically read • the built code • the frame number For one vehicle, each information needs to be input only once.

Connect the other extremity of the cable in one of the two USB ports of the laptop computer. Select «Peugeot Planet Diag availability»: Double-click on the «Peugeot Planet Diag availability» link Use the arrows, and validate by pressing Enter Input your PSA login and password. This key fob system is also used to prevent would-be car thieves from hot-wiring a car and bypassing the key-start system entirely. The main zone (3) is the zone in which you work. An help zone may appear at the bottom of the screen to help you using Peugeot Planet Office better.

Cliquer on «Turn Off Computer». Confirm by clicking on «Turn Off». If necessary, you can proceed to an emergency stop. Using the left sidebar to navigate within a certain price range or to only look at certain types of listings may also help one find the right product. Newest Evolution Interface Hardware An IBM Thinkpad X31 laptop computer with Windows XP Pro operating system, Norton anti-virus software (with 3-year Internet update), an integrated Wi-Fi card for wireless communication via Internet and a Bluetooth card. Description Mouse Keypad Fill in the vehicle information required by Peugeot Planet Office.

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