Pinetion pdr s 1004 инструкция

pinetion pdr s 1004 инструкция
Видеонаблюдение через интернет на мобильном телефоне, планшете, коммуникаторе Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, iPod touch и iPad с помощью видеорегистраторов Pinetron. Figure 4-27. Honeywell Figure 4-26. Here… Page 66 Overview of Navigation and Controls When the system completes backup, you can see a dialogue box prompting successful backup. Click combo box to bring up the drop down list Honeywell… Page 28 Overview and Controls Double click mouse In input box, you can select input methods.

You can rip MP3s using the Realplayer. 9 Get Images on your PSP. If you have a firmware 3.00, you can create a PICTURE folder on your memory stick duo, not in PSP folder though. Try to avoid interference, dry joint, and it shall be away from high tension current Honeywell… Page 34: Audio Output, Alarm Input And Output Connection Please make sure alarm input mode is grounding alarm input. The real-time video becomes black and white. • DVR and monitor resistance is not compatible. • Video transmission distance is too long or video signal is too much degraded. You can also get MP3s in the MUSIC folder. In fact, if you have firmware that’s older then 2.80, MP3 is your only choice. Page 61: Alarm Setup And Alarm Activation, Go To Alarm Setup Interface, Alarm Setup • Alarm in: Allows you to select alarm input channel number. • Event type: Select local input.

Права администратора позволяют не только просмтривать изображение с видеокамер, но и управлять видеорегистратором удалённо через Интернет. General Setup Here you can set system time, record length, video format, etc. See Figure 6-47. Page 158 Web Client Operation Figure 6-47 The Auto Maintenance Menu Snapshot For Snapshot function, it can support D1/HD1/BCIF/CIF/QCIF. Page 159 Channel 2 to channel 8, channel 10 to channel 16 supports CIF/QCIF. You can select from the dropdown list.

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