Gu641b genset controller инструкция

Firmware Update Download from PC. Don’t turnoff power, Before finished! Switch’s contact, then Mains fail toload alarm is activated. For example: “crank time” set at 5s, “Crank time add” set at 3s, then since the second crank, the maximum crank time permit is 8s. CAUTION: The maximum crank time permit can not exceed the range of the equipment safety.Crank rest: The time between last crank and next crank. You can learn more about these cookies and general information about how to change your cookie settings by visiting our Privacy and Cookies page. By continuing to use this site without changing your settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Stop Failure If after stop time delay over engine can not stop, then buzzer alarm, LCD status file display “WARN: STOP FAILURE”, failure relay close output. The message data field sent out from master to slave including additional message: slave must use this message to implement action that defined by function code. The signal is derived form HET sensor, this function would be inactive if do not use HET sensor. According to the valid of analog “remote control start input signal”, the controller control generator start. Once failure has been eliminated alarm lamp auto turn off.) Charge Failure Controller has tested voltage lower than “low charge warning setting value” from excitation contact of auxiliary AC charge, LCD status file display “WARN: CHARGE FAILURE”, buzzer alarm. Over Speed If engine rpm over than “setting alarm value”, LCD status file display “WARN: OVER SPEED”, buzzer alarm.

The Start and Stop push buttons control the starting of the Genset. Modbus protocol is one kinds of universal language that applied in electronics controller. The engine or other type of prime mover should be equipped with an over speed shutdown device to protect against runaway or damage to the prime mover with possible personal injury, loss of life, or property damage. Optional 4 pre-heat modes, details refer to the description of 4.7 preheat function.Pre-heat time: The preheat duration before engine crank. When the MCB output is energised, if the controller does not receive the feed back signal from the Mains Aux.

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