Futaba t12fga инструкция

futaba t12fga инструкция
Real World Testing Field testing often reveals strengths and weaknesses which are hidden during bench testing, so I like wherever possible to test fly a review radio. Unfortunately there isn’t space to cover everything, so I’ll choose a few key features. However, with availability of programmable mixers, this is unlikely to be a constraint in practice. Using the LmtA / LmtB menu settings on the control amp, set the limit on side A and B equally so that they’re over 100% without binding. Inevitably the model had to be re-trimmed, mixer and diff adjusted, in fact it was like starting with a brand new model, let alone a new radio!

Step 4: Plug the gyro and rudder servo links into the appropriately labeled spots on the control amp. And just like the 14MZ it offers a viable route into 2.4 GHz. £775 may seem a lot to pay for a radio. Nicest of all, the control responses were noticeably quicker than the 4000. Other F3F flyers using 12FG’s have reported similar quick response in PCM-G3 mode. For example, most have an AFR page for setting the curves. A second page allows a further percentage rate to be applied to each servo. A third page specifies how the mixer is activated; e.g. permanently, or via a dedicated switch, or according to flight condition. Programming Interface Futaba have done a good job with the programming interface.

Please unzip to use. 14SG Sound Function (1.9 MB) — updated May 8, 2014 The most current software version update must be installed prior to installing the Sound update. Also updated to be compatible with the SBS-01C Current Sensor and SBS-02A Altitude Sensor. Note that it is not possible to alter the stick mode after purchase, so make sure you specify the mode before ordering. 2.4 GHz or 35 MHz? You Choose! The spring tension was a bit weak for my liking, but was easily adjusted using an Allen key. With the aerial extended, there is a slight tendency for the top to tip down, while the opposite is the case when the aerial is removed for 2.4 GHz operation.

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