Инструкция yamaha tyros4

инструкция yamaha tyros4
Also, before turning any components on or off, make sure to set all volume levels to minimum (0). Otherwise, elec- trical shock or damage to the components may occur. When this is set to “ON” and the media selected [4 ] OPEN in the Device List above is inserted, the Tyros4 automatically calls up the first Song in the media. Page 98: Editing The Vocal Harmony Types Chordal Type and Vocal Effect, etc. • PART …… Adjusts volume and panning, etc. for each part. • DETAIL ….Detailed editing for Vocal Harmony type. The other is List View, which lets you open files according to their numbers. Tyros4 Reference Manual… Page 137: System Reset (see below) Factory Reset—Restoring the Factory Programmed Settings This function lets you restore the status of the Tyros4 to the original factory settings. Wealth of Voices and effects The Tyros4 provides 993 dynamic, realistic Voices, giving you instant access to virtually every instrument in the real world. In addition to the Super Articulation Voices, Live!, Cool! and Sweet!

Visit us at Play and expand your creativity! Only one «ppi»/»yep» file can be installed in a keyboard at the same time. Extraordinarily expressive, realistic sound Super Articulation Voices give you a level of expressive realism you’ve never experienced before in a keyboard. Page 70: Editing Channel Events Press the [I] (SAVE) button to execute the Save operation. NOTICE The recorded Song data will be lost if you select another Song or turn the power to the instrument off without executing the Save operation. Page 96: Connecting Audio Devices Connecting Audio Devices IMPORTANT Since the Tyros4 has no built-in speakers, you need to monitor its sound output via external audio equipment.

Alternatively, you could use a pair of headphones (page 15). Connecting the Optional Yamaha TRS-MS04 Speaker Use the [TO RIGHT SPEAKER], [TO LEFT SPEAKER] and [TO SUB WOOFER L/R] jacks. Call up the Format operation display. [VOICE CREATOR]  [E] EXPANSION MODULE… Page 110: Troubleshooting • Data files with names of more than 50 characters cannot be handled by the instru- ment. The bookmarked page can be opened by pressing the [2 ] (VIEW) button in the Bookmark display. The operation procedure is basically the same as that of the BASS display above. Settings: Maj, Min (Natural), Min (Harmonic) Tyros4 Reference Manual… Page 101 Settings: 0–127  PITCH CORRECT MODE (set by [7 ]–[8 ] buttons) Determines how the Pitch Correct affects your voice. Tyros — Feature articles plus forums for Yamaha PSR and Tyros arranger keyboards.

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