Wanscam jw0008 инструкция

wanscam jw0008 инструкция
Typical distance for Bluetooth is 10 meters for most Bluetooth modules. Please don’t set both continuous and motion triggered recording options. The recordings captured may be stored in the camera’s’ on-board storage, and then downloaded after returning to a station at the end of the day. Update (2015) – lately, a number of fully integrated Arduino/Bluetooth micro controllers have come to market via Kickstarter.

Click Save to save the change. NOTE: Please do not configure both video recording and image recording. It will be considered as two camera licenses!You are all done! Data is sent via Bluetooth and can be parsed to set both direction and velocity. (sample code below) Coordinates are generated as X+/- and Y +/-. These are packaged and sent in the following format sX=val,Y=vale i.e. sX=75,Y=-55e where ‘s’ indicates the start and ‘e’ indicates the end. Managing I/O modules on Surveillance Station reduces the initial costs even further, and helps automate tedious tasks, while decreasing the time spent on maintenance. Step 3 > Now type in the username and Password to grant access on the Web share.

System System requirement Microsoft Win98 SE/ME/2000/XP, Vista, Win7, Internet Explorer 5.0, NET4.5 or firefox, google browser Certification Certificate ISO FCC CE. When the trial ends, you will need to order a subscription to continue using the service. Existing accounts and privilege settings can be adopted by Surveillance Station to increase system integrity and management efficiency.

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