Инструкция для panasonic eb

инструкция для panasonic eb
Fitting the battery — A100 Remove the battery compartment cover. From Messages Delivery report You can request a delivery report regarding the status of a sent message. From Messages Auto display In idle mode, the latest Info Message is displayed on your phone automatically. When a ringtone message appears on the idle display: NOTE: This function is country and operator dependent. When a message is received containing a ringtone, notification appears on the idle screen.

Profiles are set up for use in different environments. The clock position changes every minute. NOTE: All screen images in this manual are simulated. NOTE: Some services described in this manual are network dependent or may only be available on a subscription basis. From My Phone 1. 4 Language 2. 4 T9 Input 3. 4 required input type Display languages It is possible to change the display language on your phone.

You can change the length of time before the automatic power-off function activates by using this software.* A «Notification of automatic power-off function» is included with the UB-T880/UB-T880W that supports automatic power-off function. From Messages User defined topic From Messages… Page 65: Auto Display Language You can set the language of the message you receive. Fitting the SIM — A101 Ensure the gold contacts are facing downwards before sliding the SIM into the SIM holder. Short battery life for an The battery has worn out. Always type to the end of the word before editing. From Contacts 1. Page 50: Hotkey Dial, My Contacts Hotkey dial Setting Hotkey dial You can quickly dial phone numbers stored at locations 001 — 009 in the Contacts list.

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