Инструкция как сделать бетмобиль из лего

инструкция как сделать бетмобиль из лего
Когда Робин, Фродо и Железная борода попадают в эти порталы, Бэтмен, Гэндальф и Дикарка отправляются за ними. В результате чего портал их приводит на планету Вортон. Search for a crystal close to you, and pull it with a grapple gun. Poison Ivy: In the «Love Stinks» Hall Of Doom quest, go to the exterior. Go to the lab, and move the blue lever on the left side. Many of the other adventure worlds as well are locked to players until they purchase a particular character from that associated franchise.

Watch as the Sun opens to get the character token. Kill all the goons in the Batcave to get the character token. The Joker’s Helicopter: Inside a trench is a large blue plant. Arkillo (Free Play): When asked to defeat Sinestro in Level 14, stop before crossing the conveyor belt.

Reverse Flash (Free Play): During the «Catch Killer Croc And Grundy» objective in Level 4, fly up to the right side of the armory. Get on top of the button to turn off the lasers guarding Adam West and rescue him. 23. In Okaara, find the silver dropship on the top of a crumbling building. Hit Giganta, and save Grodd to get the character token. The fork section is decently large and can be dragged down before snapping back to its original position thanks to the rubberband holding it in its place. Then, find three bear traps, and use the grappling gun on them. The oversized (fat bat) Batlogo occupies a huge space on his chest, and there’s the iconic gold utility-belt as well.

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